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Spring is closer than you think........

Posted 6/21/2013 2:19pm by Walter.

We are very busy this time of year. We are ordering seeds, rooting cuttings, updating web sites and catalogs and making repairs and upgrades to our operation.

We have selected several new varieties to entice your interests. "Wasabi" Arugula, "Curly Roja" Kale, "Confetti" Coriander, and "French Vanilla" Quinoa to name a few. Did you know that the United Nations named 2014 "The year of Quinoa"? We also will feature a terrific new rosemary from Israel, called "Inquano" and the unique "Foxtail" Rosemary, with its arching branches.

We have thousands of deer-resistant lavender plants this year and have expanded our annual and perennial offerings. Also succulents are making a return.

We will open for the season on April 18th this year and operate everyday until July 6th.

Hope to see you soon!