Why Certified Organic?

Think about how we grow best....slow and steady with the right nutrients and care. Once we add chemicals to our life our health changes. The same is true with plants. Conventional growing uses chemical based fertilizers which are fast acting. Which means your plants will respond quickly. It also means they will decline quickly unless you add more fertilizer. The plants may react with rapid flushes of new growth, which reduce the essential oils of herbs and dilute flavors of vegetables. They also can stretch flowers too. Organic fertilizers are slow to react and also slow to decline. The plants remain more compact and you end up with a better plant as well as a better harvest.

The same is true with chemical pesticides and growth regulators. The good benefit to pesticides is that they controls insects and diseases. But at the same time they kill beneficial insects and beneficial bacteria. Organic sprays are far less toxic, non-residual and less harmful. So rather than alter the growing environment, we enhance it! The compost we use in our custom soil mix not only adds nutrients but hosts benefical soil microbes. And our organic fertilizers and sprays (when needed) support our millions of beneficial insects in our greenhouses year round.

You can do the same with your gardens and planters. We will be happy to show you how. It is really easy and less work than conventional growing. And you will feel good about what you are doing. And you will know what you are eating too!  

What better way to eat local, and organic, then from your own backyard!